ISI 2022



INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – 31. 5. 2022, Cubex Centre Prague

The International Conference ISI 2022 has already taken place

Do you have to face information chaos in your company? Don’t you have documents and information at hand when you need them?
Would you like to digitize and automate your business processes, but you are not sure where to start?
Data experts are in broad agreement that the volume of data double every two years.

What are the current challenges in Information Management in companies?

93% of companies have difficulty finding documents and information.
75% of employees think they do not have access to the latest efficiency-enhancing technologies in the company.
52 % of organizations use 4 or more Information Management systems.
30 % of the workday is spent on searching for information.
20 % of work hours are spent on dull, repetitive tasks.

Come to the ISI (Intelligent Information Management) 2022 conference!

We will show you how it is possible to enrich your working life!
The conference is intended for managers, directors and owners of medium-sized and enterprise companies who are considering improving and automating processes and deploying tools for easier collaboration and greater efficiency.
Within the program, you will see live demonstrations, you will be part of a panel discussion and you will be able to have a discussion with other users of enterprise applications.

How to improve your work in the company?

40 % of tasks within a typical sales department can be automated.
79 % of organizations feel that digital transformation is important to the future of their organization.
81 % of employees report the need to access corporate documents on their mobile device.
88 % of companies say they’d benefit from searching for their information in one place regardless of where they are stored.

What areas will we focus on?

Detailed program can be found HERE.

Digitization of information

We will introduce you to tools that will help you centralize and digitize your company information. You will always find what you are looking for and you will have key information at your fingertips! Electronic document and information management will make your working life easier and increase your productivity.

Document Management

We will show you how to effectively manage, sort and search your documents. Data security is ensured by user rights adjustable according to your requirements. We will introduce you to the Finnish DMS system M-Files, Leader according to Nucleus Research and Visionary according to Gartner.

Customer Relationship Management

We will focus on the effective management of information about your customers, partners, suppliers and other entities. We will show you how information can be easily used and securely stored, how to keep records of key activities, create reports and get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the company. We will introduce you to the CRM system called Intuo - Company Intelligence.

Data extraction

We will show you how all your incoming documents, such as invoices, orders or transaction documents, can be processed automatically. A solution based on artificial intelligence will make your work in the company much easier. The conference will include a demonstration of the DOCU-X extraction system.

Process automation

We will advise you on how to easily automate your key processes, such as document approval. The company's workflow will ensure the smooth running of all processes, automatic notifications will guarantee that each task will be completed properly and on time, and that milestones will not be missed.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make your workday significantly easier by, for example, automatically categorizing documents and suggesting content-related metadata. In the field of extraction, it can validate the extracted data and mark error values. With the learning of intelligence, the results are becoming more accurate.

Work from anywhere

An integral part of today is the ability to work from anywhere, whether you are in the office, at home office or on a business trip. You should always have access to the business information you need, even offline. You can use desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The conference program will also include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, which mainly include economics, finance, sales, manufacturing, warehousing, property, transportation and HR.


Cloud solutions bring many benefits, such as flexibility, centralization or cost savings for IT infrastructure or IT staff. You can leave the worries about servers, hardware and software to professionals.

92 % of companies believe that their information management strategy needs to be modernized.

You can look forward to interesting speakers, networking as well as prize draw!

Date: Tuesday 31 May 2022, 10:00 – 17:00

Venue: Cubex Centrum Praha, Na Strži 2097/63, Prague 4

Standard ticket price: 6 900 CZK / person *

EARLY BIRDS price for purchase until 31 March 2022: 3 800 CZK / person

* Prices do not include VAT.