ISI 2022



INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – 31. 5. 2022, Cubex Centre Prague

Conference speakers

During the conference program, you will have the opportunity to listen to the experts listed below.

We will publish all the speakers gradually.

Sebastiaan Crebolder, Senior Manager, Global Channel Marketing, M-Files

Sebastiaan Crebolder heads up the Global Channel Marketing function in M-Files. During his extensive career at printer giant Xerox, he witnessed many changes in the way we conduct our work. Since joining M-Files, Sebastiaan has converted to “the paperless office” and regularly shares his views on information management & workflow automation.

David Páter, M-Files Division Manager, Digital Resources a.s.

David Páter is the M-Files Division Manager at Digital Resources, IT company providing Enterprise Information Systems and IT services in 19 European countries. David has extensive experience from dozens of projects in renowned companies. He helps companies digitize their document and information management and effectively set up business processes in the M-Files DMS system.

Václava Slavíčková, M-Files Solution Engineer, Digital Resources a.s.

Václava Slavíčková works as a Senior Consultant at Digital Resources. She takes care of several important customers in the field of DMS (Document Management System), provides them with professional consultations and implements new requirements. At the same time, she leads project teams for the implementation of the M-Files system for new customers, either on-premises or in the cloud (DMS-IN.CLOUD). Last year, she received the M-Files Solution Engineer certification.

Jan Sedláček, Chairman of the Board, Digital Resources a.s.

Jan Sedláček has been managing the most successful teams for the implementation of Enterprise Information Systems (DMS, CRM, ERP) in Europe since 2009. He helps companies automate and streamline their processes. He is pleased that users of Digital Resources systems had an easy and quick transition to work from home office without losing productivity.

Jiří Cmíral, Sales Director, SOCOS IT s.r.o.

Jiří Cmíral is part of SOCOS IT, which develops DOCU-X systems for paperless offices. He has been in the business for 16 years and has been selling these technologies at a time when many companies were just acquiring ERP systems and electronic document management was almost unimaginable for them. Time has changed and after 6 years, DOCU-X is used by over 350 customers in 6 countries.

Jiří Porš, Project Manager, Digital Resources a.s.

Jiří Porš has been working on Enterprise Systems deployment projects for 14 years, especially in the area of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). At the conference, he will focus on service planning and management in the company. He will show you how to easily manage service requirements, plan service interventions and evaluate the work of both individual employees and the department as a whole. A live demonstration of the Intuo Service solution will be included.

Lenka Papajanovská, Consultant, Digital Resources a.s.

Lenka Papajanovská focuses mainly on CRM (Customer Relationship Management). She helps organizations centralize their information and streamline processes, especially in the areas of sales, customer care and communication with partners or suppliers. During the conference, she will present the Intuo – Company Intelligence system, which perfectly supports the management of business activities and their evaluation, easy mutual representation in the team and getting an overview of what is happening in the company.

Marián Baňas, Integration developer, CAD, BIM, data-management specialist, cadvision s. r. o.

Marián Baňas studied game programming and design at Saxion – University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, the Netherlands. In cadvision s.r.o., he is engaged in the analysis, development and implementation of software solutions for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Revit and M-Files.

Dávid Filípek, Maintenance management technician and DMS administrator, Nafta a.s.

Dávid Filípek studied information technology at the European Polytechnic Institute. He works in the maintenance management department. He is dedicated to the implementation and administration of Maintenance Management software and M-Files, including subsidiaries in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Martin Kopecký, lawyer and partner, Kopecký Hála & Co., advokátní kancelář

Martin Kopecký is a lawyer focusing primarily on the corporate and tax law agenda and related areas of criminal law. In his current legal practice, he uses his experience gained in a law firm with international representation and from his previous work in the management and supervisory departments of large corporations.

Ondřej Hála, lawyer and partner, Kopecký Hála & Co., advokátní kancelář

As a lawyer, Ondřej Hála has significant experience, especially in managing complex litigation and resolving complicated insolvency cases. In his legal practice, he also deals with the planning and implementation of various business and real estate transactions.

Ema Dědičová, Asociace za lepší ICT řešení, o.p.s.

Ema Dědičová is a secondary school student focusing on human resources. She enjoys new technologies and their use in education. She participates in the development of an AI assistant who communicates with students via chat and helps them prepare for entrance exams. The project took second place in the DigiEduHack competition. During the conference, she will show you how this concept is used in companies and can simplify the work for you and your customers.

Lucie Sedláčková, Asociace za lepší ICT řešení, o.p.s.

Lucie Sedláčková is studying at a grammar school with a scientific and mathematical-physical focus. She is interested in education and participates in the development of AI assistant for students. The assistant helps students prepare for entrance exams via chat – this solution got a silver medal in the DigiEduHack competition. At the conference, she will show you how conversational artificial intelligence helps companies and how it can please your colleagues and customers.

Veronika Sedláčková, Asociace za lepší ICT řešení, o.p.s.

Veronika Sedláčková is studying business management, majoring in advertising and art. At school, she is most interested in subjects related to graphics and art. She is involved in the creative development of an AI student assistant who helps students prepare for entrance exams. At the conference, she will show you how conversational artificial intelligence can help and entertain.