ISI 2022



INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – 31. 5. 2022, Cubex Centre Prague

Introducing the first speaker – David Páter

Introducing the first speaker – David Páter David Páter has been M-Files Division Manager at Digital Resources, a supplier of Enterprise Information Systems and IT services in 19 European countries, for several years. David has extensive experience from dozens of projects in renowned companies, such as BAYER, Deloitte Central Europe, KKCG, NEY spořitelní družstvo or… Continue reading Introducing the first speaker – David Páter

ISI 2022 conference program

ISI 2022 conference program We have prepared the current program of our conference for you! The all-day conference program will focus on intelligent information management, digitization of documents and streamlining of business processes, and we will show you the possibilities and practical applications in various areas. In addition to experts from our partners, professionals from… Continue reading ISI 2022 conference program